Thursday, September 23, 2010

Screw The Seasonal Colors??????

Hey Dolls......Fall is upon us and as you know I am definitely one to recommend hair colors to coordinate with the seasons...Over the past couple of months(summer) i have been rocking my hair from a light brown with highlights to blond with chocolate underneath....I was definitely loving my color this past season and look forward to new ways for the next summer...As fall is approaching I am getting a bit darker more towards just a basic light brown no highlights...but I am itching to do my Jet Black which we all know is my winter color...So even though i personally have my hair rules....Alot of you have inspired me to say "f*** it" when it comes to having a certain color during a certain season..I have seen ladies rocking jet black in the summer and lighter chocolaty colors in the winter...No real pattern, just whatever the heck they wanna do when they wanna do it...So with that said, I thank you ladies, you have taught the guru something *Hand Claps* to you...I most likely will be pushing my jet black routine up a bit early b/c my fresh-from-summer olive skin will love it...

Have A Great Hair Day!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MY NEW LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Dolls...I know have been gone for a while but i am back and with a new love of mine.....As you all may know I have gone natural since November of 2009....OH NO!!! Not totally natural, like cutting off my locks or wearing curly not str8ened styles... but I have stopped perming my hair and I get wash and sets every 2 weeks in which I use Aphogee products and since then my hair has grown sooo much and its sooo much fuller..I was planning on perming this month when i began this journey but since its so hot ill wait till Fall and then I'll really see my length..
So aside from maintaining my hair I have what we call "Protective styles" which keeps me from touching my hair daily...All I do is wrap my hair and night then wear my "protective style" during the day which is a DRUM ROLL PLEASE: LACE FRONTS...
I had my first encounter with lace fronts when I ordered a $450 one for my wedding in 2008 and i hated it..It did not stay down I literally had my Bridesmaids carry the glue in there bags to the wedding lol..So not cool...But since then I have found a new love for them...Not as pricey and u dont need to glue them down to stay on.. they fit with combs and straps... I have tons of them..Different styles...I lean more towards the curly wet look since my hair is natural underneath it blends a bit better...the picture to the side is my newest one without the lace cut yet...But u can still see how natural it is...

Ladies u can get these synthetic units from just about anywhere... hair sites or your local beauty supply store they are allllll over...they usually are $20-$50 and alot higher priced for the Human Hair ones...
Have A Great Hair Day:)

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey Dolls....So Last we spoke I was beginning my hair journey which is going quite well.....I use Aphogee products which are great and they are really growing my hair out and making it thicker and fuller I do this every 2 weeks......I also roller set then blowout so that saves me a bundle....My hair is doing great since I am 12 weeks post relaxer (tryna make it to 24 then relax)....I did have some breakage around the temple area which I do recommend Dr. Miracle's Temple & Nape Gro Balm.....U put it on the temple area and nape (neck area) twice a day for 30 days....It smells like vicks vapor rub a lilttle bit but it undetectable to others (My husband couldnt smell a thing)...It tingles a bit when u rub it in but thats normal, means its working.

I also recommend Chi Silk Infusion.....This stuff is like liquid silk....U rub it into the hair just before u rollerset or blowdry and ur hair has shine..bounce...and it feels like silk.. I cant believe I lived without this for so long.....

Aside from stretching my relaxer and washing every 2 weeks I wear a protective style..because in order to see growth its best not to manipulate ur hair too often (Ex:styling it or heat)...Which is why I wear a half wig so I only have to style the front.

Have A Great Hair Day:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Hair Journey!!!

Hey Dolls.....I am about to embark on a hair journey and I couldn't be anymore excited.....I have a nice head of hair and as of lately I have learned to love it in its NATURAL state...I'm talking real kinky..BUT I ultimately like my hair str8 so I do relax....My new hair journey is going to consist of stretching which just means going longer without a relaxer more than the typical 4-6 weeks.. I plan on stretching every 6 months meaning I will only be relaxing my hair twice a year...The last time I had a relaxer was in November so I'm at 8 weeks now and still looking good. I go to the salon every 2 weeks for wash and set BUT now I am going to work on my hair alone....I have heard great reviews on the Aphogee product line and I am going to try it out.....Every 2 weeks I will be washing, conditioning, as well as roller setting and a blow out...I brought all the tools that I am going to need and I got a great deal....I ordered like 6 hair products, a Andis ceramic ionic blow dryer(best one on the market) as well as a hooded dryer and guess what that all cost..... Just $63... I was so thrilled... I only will be going to the salon to keep my ends trimmed nicely.. I cannot wait to see the progress:)

Have a Great Hair Day:)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

InStyler Or Not????????

Dolls...I would have to say a definite Yes for the InStyler...I recieved it for Xmas and I absolutely love it....It comes with a few rules that u must follow unless your experience will not be as great as mine...#1: The temperatures on the InStyler are specifically for a certain hair texture EX: High-thick/coarse; Medium- in between texture; Low-thin/fine.

Now If u have very fine thin hair and you say to yourself "I really wanna straighten or bump my hair, let me put it up to high" Trust me it will sizzle and break off..U must use it according to your texture. If you are not sure of your texture click here for examples of different textures.

With the InStyler u can straighten, bump under, flip curl, and spiral.....Your hair will come out with super shine and body.... and when its rolling on the barrel their is absolulety no flyaways all your hair is wrapped around the barrel perfectly.

Tip 1: The Barrel always goes on the bottom to achieve any curl, BUT if u have kinky roots do the first sweep with the barrel on top to straighten out that root once its str8 return to regular use

Ladies, this is a must buy... I believe mine cost $92 a bit pricey but so worth it....and besides we would pay $70 for a chi flat iron...why not on this.. which is wayy better than a flat iron, I will never flat iron again!

Have A Great Hair Day:)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Who can do the best Doobie!

Hey Dolls...Today was a BIG day for me..I tried a new hair salon...The ladies of color know that in order to get a beautiful wash, set and doobie you go to the Dominicans.....Well, since I recently moved those type of salons are not around me.... they are about 45min-an hour away....Too far for me...The salons over here APPEAR to cater more to Caucasian hair....Being that this is one thing I cannot do on my own (yeah I can wash and all that but don't get that fullness like the Dominicans shops can)I took a friends advice in trying "the other" type of salon...

I walk in, its very nice and CLEAN...I smile and say "I have an appointment" ..The young lady I have the appointment with (Christina) comes and gets me.....She sits me down to start my color rinse...While doing my hair she is sooo surprised that my hair is soo soft and she loves it..Her words:).....So we talk.. she says to me "Are u afraid b/c a white girl is doing your hair?" I reply "Not at all, whatever u mess up I can fix, but I am trusting you" So we get into a long conversation...and I learn that they are trained in ALL types of hair but mostly the textures similar to Caucasian or Spanish texture.

Long story short.. she did her thing...My hair is shiny, light, full and I got a trim so it looks alot healthier and bouncy...My plan is to go to her every 3 weeks for a wash/set and blowout with hopes of growing longer healthier hair. Since this salon is in a nice area and is very professional (beverages and muffins offered:) The price for what I want is a bit higher...Dominican shops usually charge $20-$25... Whereas here it is $30-35...Which I do not mind paying since she does my hair just as good and provides such a nice experience.

So ladies if you are every in Wayne, NJ head over to Secrets Salon (973) 633-1330 and ask for Christina. They also have another location in Haskell, NJ....And to my ladies of color...I know how we can be with our hair and sometimes we are right BUT dont be afraid to branch out and see what someone else can do...You never know, You too may meet a bad ass white girl like I did that can do wonders with your hair!

Have a Great Hair Day:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

I like it BIG!

Hair that is.......I hate flat lifeless hair.....When I was younger and use to do my weaves I would flip my tracks at the crown so It would stick up and give that fuller look.....OOOPS!!!!....Not cute.....But we live and learn.

Of course we all know the oldest trick to fuller spray and a rat tail comb to tease it.....But who wants all that hairspray in there hair, making it hard and *causing tons of breakage*.....In order for me to get my hair fuller, I would put my hard head bands in the middle of my head and pull some hair over it, so u wouldn't see the headband....Sound familiar?.....I bet...What just came out? this new product called Bump-its... exactly what I use to do....So ummm WHERES MY $$$.

Bump-its gets a A+ ...They are a must have.... especially if you are like me and like to do a little bump in the front where your bang is (u would need a mini bump it for that style)....I would only recommend them being worn in a updo, low pony, or if you have a short cut or like I explained earlier.....It DOES NOT look flattering when you wear them with your hair out......It may look like you are rocking a wig.....Last but not least curls, curls, curls....Lots of curls, will almost definitely provide you with full big hair as you can see I rocked in the post pic.

Have a Great Hair Day:)